Some of you might be wondering what is eating up your battery in Linux so much as compared to your windows. Most of the computers have battery problems due to their graphic card. Is possible to, when I need more battery life, disable the Nvidia graphic card and use Intel HD graphic card? In that way, I can save more battery. So please, if it is possible, let me know if this is a good laptop for this. In "Switchable Graphics" mode if you wish to disable the discrete GPU altogether (to save more power, for compatibility, or other reasons) you can pass kernel or module parameter to do so. e.g. the kernel command line option "module_blacklist=amdgpu" would prevent the amdgpu driver from being loaded.

I'm looking for a way to completely disable the discrete graphic card on my laptop. I would like to simplify the install as much a possible, and I am not using the card at all in Linux. I am dual booting with Windows and that's where I plan to do anything GPU-intensive, for this reason disabling the card in BIOS is not an option. No matter how many tutorials I followed, I was not able to boot ... Dec 03, 2014 · How To Turn Off Apple MacBook Pro Discrete Graphics Card for Linux This page explains, how to turn off the Macbook Pro Retina 15′ Early 2013 (MacBookPro10,1) NVIDIA graphic card during EFI boot. a small fat32 partition or if there is one, you can use that partition.