Asterisk Sound Files. Asterisk is able to play audio files in a variety of formats as long as the necessary software for each format is installed. It's not difficult to convert an audio file for use with the majority of Asterisk installations. This article is a convenient reminder of the command line parameters required for the task. RM: While .wav for mat files can contain data at a variety of sampling rates and bit depths, Asterisk can read only two kinds of these files: Microsoft WAV format at 8000 hz signed linear (with a lowercase .wav extension) or WAV-GSM, also called wav49, with an uppercase “WAV” extension.

$ mkdir /var/lib/asterisk/mohwav. and then move them there: $ mv *.wav /var/lib/asterisk/mohwav; Since we have placed our music files in a different folder from that where Asterisk installs its sample music, we will need to change the configuration file to reflect this. Asterisk uses several directories on a Linux system to manage the various aspects of the system, such as voicemail recordings, voice prompts, and configuration files. This section discusses the necessary directories, all of which are created during installation and configured in the asterisk.conf file.