Bardstown is a city in Nelson County, Kentucky, United States. The population was recorded as 11,700 by the 2010 census. It is the county seat of Nelson County. It is named for David Bard, the man who obtained the land for the city from the governor of Virginia, and his brother William Bard, the surveyor who laid out the town. r/Kentucky: Kentucky. as a citizen of bardstown i have to 100% agree with you the cops are corrupt and racist! no doubt in my mind that ellis was set up by or with the help of another cop. a week or so after ellis's murder his wife was conveniently dating the police chief at the time (mccubins) so a lot of people think that's why he was killed. the other murders were connections because the ... Not all available animals are on the website, so you may want to visit the Shelter. You can also see pets in The Kentucky Standard and on Bardstown’s cable station, PLG-TV “Pet of the Week” segment (Wednesdays, with hourly news starting at 6 PM).

In August 2011, all preschool students were moved from the elementary schools to our central location at 1200 Cardinal Drive. We have fourteen classrooms, an exceptionally large multipurpose room, a cafeteria, and a playground.