Jun 15, 2016 · How to set up office 365 as a SMTP gateway ... it is not feasible to only restrict only this user mailbox sending ... The email address doesn’t need to be ... Oct 25, 2018 · Cant connect my HP Printer (3510 or 3511) ... I am using the U-Verse router and I can't get my HP CM3530 printer to connect. ... Is your email password not working? "E-mail gateway is not responding" on 4100 mfp. What is the "email gateway," how do I determine what to set it for? I simply want to be able to scan from the MFP to my email address.

Hey Codyneuffer, I found this link " Suggestions for How to Configure Printer E-mail Settings for Use with Microsoft Outlook 365" Looks to be for a different Lexmark Model, but the interface looks to be the same. Make sure that you have not overloaded the document feeder. Do not load more than 50 sheets of 20 lb paper in the document feeder. If the message persists, make sure that the ADF mylar sheet, the ADF pickup-roller assembly, and the ADF separation pad are installed correctly. If any of these components is dirty or worn, replace the component. I have an HP M3035 printer that gives the message "Email gateway is not reponding" on the control panel when users try to scan a document to their email. Here are the facts: This is not a new printer and has been working correctly up until this point. I have tried rebooting the printer.