The presence of European and American mink depended on the non-fragmented main river stretches and the number of tributaries free from barriers. Results showed that fragmented rivers can be temporarily occupied but the likelihood of death means that these areas are only sink patches for mink. European mink: visón europeo : Mustela lutreola . The European mink is critically endangered through fiece competition with the American mink. Only a couple of hundred European mink (see update - mink recovering in Spain) are thought to survive in enclaves in northwest Spain (Navarra, La Rioja, País Vasco and Castilla y León (northern Soria and NE Burgos).

To conclude, European mink is a seasonally polyoestrous species; the early pregnancy of European mink resembles that of European polecat, i.e. in both species, implantation occurs on day 12 p.c. without any implantation delay. It is the most threatened in Europe and endangered carnivore, being in Spain less than 500 copies. Zoo and Faunia currently have copies on display and the technical team and Faunia Zoo participates in the breeding committee with experts from various agencies. Program coordinated by the MAGRAMA Data sheet: Physical location: Madrid Zoo Aquarium, Faunia Start Date 2013 End date: 2014.