I don't have originals, and I don't have the almighty Classic Records analog reissues. I would love to, eventually. But comparing my US Zeppelin 2 and the new reissue, the reissue sounds very good, if lacking some warmth. It still sounds 'better' because it's not full of ticks and pops and scratches from worn out vinyl. I say reissues are fine. When buying vinyl records do you always try and obtain the original early pressings or go for newly minted reissues? I have a good number of originals but many i missed are being reissued on vinyl, mainly Progressive rock where the originals can cost from 100 - 500 GPB on auction sites.

Dec 11, 2006 · Re-issue vinyl vs. the original pressing. ... There's a lot of reissue vinyl out there, especially of classic rock, soul and jazz, that is simply a scam. If someone ... My experience with Rhino vinyl was not good. Both my Rhino records were inferior to the CD product, both in sonic quality and in quality of material. The "Doo-Wop Uptempo" album had a really bad remastering of "Tonight I Fell in Love," by the Tokens, that was much improved on CD. Of course much more material on CD.