Parbhani: Requirements : Wanted Consultant Gastroenterologist fulltime for a reputed corporate hospital. male or female. fresher or experienced with excellent knowledge. Key job Skills : Gastroenterology: Education : DM: Salary: 250000 to 350000 Rs per month or ( Salary Negotiable ) (4) dm ;ITe 'Giggey' defines community as (1) group of people who have something un-common (2) group of people who have something in common (3) group of different peoples (4) None of these meGlFIl I SPACE FOR ROUGH WORK

Town Planning and Valuation Directorate,Maharashtra State. Sr.No. Name of the approved Regional Scheme Condition / section Zila Sahkari Bank Branches. Zila Sahkari Bank branches are spread all over India in order to facilitate banking operations at locations other than the bank’s central location.