VISWAAS. Pairing: Alpha!Dean x Omega!Reader Warnings: Bad language, violence and smut. Summary: The Reader is an Omega, working for her Aunt Ellen.She is no stranger to things that go bump in the night, maybe because she’s a ‘something’ too. A Girl That Writes. ... Derek Hale X Reader. ... This is just a one shot about Sam and Dean. This is also meant to be day 4 or my 365 Fic challange. Three thrusts in and Bucky already knows that Y/N’s the best, she’s the omega meant for him. His thoughts get confirmed when she chants Alpha, Alpha, Alpha, into his neck. He can feel the vein under his cock get pressed down when every clench of her cunt, her slick pushing passed her plugged hole and gushing down her legs.

Broke (Jon Moxley x female reader) Rated M. Comfort (Alpha!Dean Ambrose x Omega!female reader) [A/B/O] [Office!AU] Rated M, trigger warnings listed inside. Different (werewolf!Dean Ambrose x female reader) Rated M, trigger warnings listed inside. Green (Dean Ambrose x female reader) [Roommate!AU] Rated M, trigger warnings listed inside Hi! I'm looking for any wincest alpha/omega verse fics, and not J2 which seems to be more of. Preferably, the boys aren't werewolves. Beta!Dean is perfectly fine too. Can you point me out to any? Thanks in advance! Coming soon: omega!reader x alpha!dean series. Dean x Reader Song-Based One-Shots. Sleep Without You, Brett Young. Tuxedo, Clare Dunn. Speak Now, T-Swift. Angel in Blue Jeans, Train. Something I’m Good At, Brett Eldredge. Makin’ Me Look Good Again, Drake White (Dean pov)*** Marry Me, Train. War Paint, Drake White*** One Number Away, Luke Combs