Helicopter Maintenance, Repair & Parts. Corporate Helicopters is an FAA Approved Part 145 Repair Station. Robinson Authorized Service Center & Airbus / Eurocopter Authorized Service Center. tions of any article for which the certifi cated repair station is rated. If that person is not certifi - cated under part 145, the certifi cated repair station must ensure that the non certifi cated person follows a quality control system equivalent to the system followed by the certifi cated repair sta-tion.

Part 145 Training Part 145 The purpose of this course is to guide you into a clear understanding of Part 145 and how your company’s repair station and quality control manual describes the way in which the company will meet the regulatory guidelines. The course divides Part 145 up into it's subparts. Sec. 145.201 — Privileges and limitations of certificate. (a) A certificated repair station may— (1) Perform maintenance, preventive maintenance, or alterations in accordance with part 43 on any article for which it is rated and within the limitations in its operations specifications.