DVI Graphics Card Display GPU Detection Monitor Dummy Plug Adapter Ideal for numerous applications, these dummy plugs trick your computer or mining rig system into thinking there is an additional monitor being run. Features: * DVI male plug dummy adapter *Great for GPU clients that will not run without the detection of a monitor on each ... Note: It is recommended that you install the graphics card into the primary PCI Express x16 slot. If you install the graphics card into the secondary slot, your system may not recognize the graphics card and there will be nothing displayed on the monitor. Also note that on some motherboard SBIOS, the physical location of the primary slot can be Dec 19, 2015 · Issue: When I plug the HDMI cable from monitor to the motherboard HDMI port (onboard graphics) everything is fine. However, when I take the HDMI out of the motherboard port and plug it into the GPU and try to boot up the PC, I get no display. Things I've already tried: 1) Under Device Manager > Display Adapters, all I see is the Intel HD Graphics.

If I bought a dvi to hdmi adapter for the oculus headset, would I have to plug the dvi end into the gpu or would I be able to plug it into the motherboard? Also would it function the same as if it was plugged into the gpu? I'm only asking because my 144hz monitor is plugged into the dvi port for my gpu. Update : So basically the GPU is not working, when I have the HDMI of my monitor plugged into the GPU, it will say that the 1060 graphics card I am using has problems and is not working. So the only way for me to run anything is to have the Monitor plugged into the motherboard, which makes it run on integrated graphics.