The incidence rate for thyroid cancer in the US is currently around 22.3/100,000 for women and 7.7/100,000 for men. Based on 2012-2014 rates, the National Cancer Institute estimates that 1.2% of men and women will be diagnosed with thyroid cancer at some time during their lifetime.

Papillary thyroid cancer or papillary thyroid carcinoma is the most common type of thyroid cancer, representing 75 percent to 85 percent of all thyroid cancer cases. It occurs more frequently in women and presents in the 20–55 year age group. Nov 29, 2016 · Preoperative testing of thyroid nodules for RAS mutations showed that nodules that tested positive for HRAS and NRAS were associated with a substantial risk for cancer, according to the results of a study published in Surgery. Approximately 50% of patients with sporadic MTC have somatic RET mutations, and a significant portion of papillary thyroid carcinomas result from chromosomal inversions or translocations, which activate RET ( RET/PTC oncogenes). The RET protooncogene has a significant place in cancer prevention and treatment.