Osokey deliver cloud-based data management, collaboration & data analysis solutions to the energy industry. Using the latest cloud technologies, we help you to quickly access your entire seismic repository and spatially capture your corporate knowledge to maximise the value of your subsurface data. Characterization of heterogeneous near-surface geology. A key challenge in reservoir characterization with onshore seismic data is accurately compensating for the extreme horizontal and vertical velocity variations and the complex surface wave noise contamination that result from the highly heterogeneous near-surface geology.

Seismic trace/shot interpolation is also critically required in multi-channel seismic data processing when the acquired data are coarser than the required spatial sampling as discussed in [3] [4]. ... 1 Introduction to seismic data and processing Chapter contents 1.1 Seismic data and their acquisition, processing, and interpretation 1.2 Sampled time series, sampling rate, and aliasing 1.3 Seismic amplitude and gain control 1.4 Phase and Hilbert transforms 1.5 Data format and quality control (QC) 1.6 Summary Further reading Get this from a library! Seismic data analysis : processing, inversion, and interpretation of seismic data. [Özdoğan Yilmaz; Stephen M Doherty] -- Öz Yilmaz has expanded his original volume on processing to include inversion and interpretation of seismic data.