Suspended ceilings are often installed to provide an attic space for air-conditioning ducts in hallways and in houses that have flat roofs. Some ducts may terminate at registers in a room while ... Sidewall and Ceiling Registers are mounted supplying heated or cooled air to the room.Sidewall or Ceiling mounted grilles used as return air inlets to ducts. [pool0] Free shipping on orders over $99 Our popular supply and return products for T-Bar ceilings are an innovative response to the challenge of creating a better indoor environment. T-Bar products combine clean appearance with installation ease, and include critical design details to ensure consistent performance.

Ventilation Accessories - Weatherhood Kits; EasyAir Grilles - TechGrille; EasyAir Grilles - Terminator Diffuser; EasyAir Grilles - Quick Mount Fittings; EasyAir Grilles - Stack Head Elbow; EasyAir Grilles - Suspended Ceiling Fitting; EasyAir Grilles - Kitchen Grille Jun 09, 2011 · How do I cover/block a drop ceiling air vent? There is an A/C vent (drop ceiling) right above one of the woman I work with. She is constantly cold, while everyone else is hot because the vent blows right on top of her all day. She is wearing very thick, heavy winter clothes while the rest of us have summer clothes on. The easiest thing would... Block unwanted vent air flow in your office, school, or hospital/medical spaces. The Elima-Draft Commercial Solid Cover stops vents/diffusers from blowing excessive hot or cold air. These vent covers strongly snap onto drop-ceiling tracks, or the vent itself, with special, powerful, neodymium magnets.