Poems for the Months. ... There are seasons, four in all. Weather changes, sun and rain and snow, Leaves fall down and flowers grow. Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall There are seasons, four in all. Look outside and you will see Just what season it will be! Seasons. Spring is showery,Jul 15, 2014 · Teaching about weather is a very important piece in children's learning at all ages. Here you will find a huge resource of weather poems for kids to share with them. I have also added some weather songs for children to learn! Sing along together as a family or classroom and enjoy!

seasons \ˈsē-z ə n\ 'Each of the four divisions of the year marked by particular weather patterns and daylight hours.' John Keats The Human Seasons was written sometime in 1818 and then later published in his book of poetry in 1819.In review, the poem cleverly references or compare rather, the stages of human life-as seasons.Pack swimsuits and winter coats, mittens, boats, shorts, t-shirts, rain coats, umbrella, Etc. Then discuss the weather out side. The time of the year, winter, fall, spring or summer. Begin pulling out the clothes and have the children tell you what time of year they belong in. Put up 4 trees, representing the four seasons.