A block list is local to a logical network location (vsys, 1 for example) and can contain a maximum of 1,000 devices per location. Therefore, you can create separate device block lists for each location hosting a GlobalProtect deployments. If i am setting "block" in the URL filtering for every other categories than EDL, I got access denied for a lot of things. F or example, teams's URL teams.microsoft.com is matching the category "computer-and-internet-info", same for skype with "pip.skype.com" which is in category "internet-communication-and-telephony" etc. Aug 10, 2017 · OneDrive for Business can be used as a protection mechanism against ransomware. If your organization utilizes OneDrive for Business, OneDrive will allow you to recover files stored in it. So OneDrive itself doesn't prevent ransomware attacks, but in the event of an attack you can use OneDrive to restore previous versions of files.

To protect SaaS application usage, including Office 365, Palo Alto Networks® takes a platform approach. The Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform is a suite of products and services that prevents successful cyberattacks by harness-ing analytics to automate routine tasks and enforcement. Discontinuation notice Microsoft announced a new WEB Service that will deprecate the dynamic XML document used by the miners listed in this document. A new class and corresponding set of MineMeld prototypes was introduced in version 0.9.50 to deal with the new WEB Service. To to safely enable acc... Looking to block the ability to use a personal Onedrive account on enterprise managed computers. This is using the sync client and in Office 2013 and 16 mostly. If there is anywhere else you guys recommend blocking im all ears!