A computer program consists of instructions for a computer to carry out. Each instruction performs a specific action, such as setting a value, calculating a mathematical operation, or printing a value to a monitor. “The code works fine in my IDE but fails in the zyBook”. The coding challenge activities use a variety of test cases to make sure your code is really correct, which is standard software testing practice. You probably didn’t test your code as thoroughly as the activity’s test cases. Some CAs auto-generate problems (if answered wrong, a solution is shown, and another problem generated) so the issue is moot. For other CAs, some solutions may be posted but are hard to find due to zyBook configurability (so CA 7.1.1 is different for different zyBooks).

I've used zyBooks on C++. It is extremely good -- its far better than how programming is taught at my College. Im buying Embedded Programming on zyBooks soon after and most likely Java (yes its that good, even though there are lots of free interactive java lessons zyBooks just knows how to deliver content). # Question Your answer 1 Loop as long as it is sunny. It is sunny. It is not sunny. 2 Loop as long as it is not raining. It is raining. It is not raining. 3 Loop 3 times. Number of completed laps is 0 or greater. Number of completed laps is less than 3. Number of completed laps equals 3. 4 Loop while the car's fuel tank is at least 20% full ... PYTHON 3!!! (zybooks) Define stubs for the functions called by the program. Each stub should print "FIXME: Finish function_name()" followed by a newline, and should return -1.